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Investments and accounts on their own can only take you so far. To get the most out of your financial pieces, you need a strategy to make them work together.

That’s why we developed the Integrated Financial Plan. This decision-making framework is designed around your personal financial facts and goals, and blends these pieces into one cohesive picture. Not only will you be able to prepare for your future, you’ll be able to work towards cash flow management for life.

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Whether you’re a successful business owner or high-net-worth individual executive, we have a plan that will help your dream become reality.

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Dedicated Professionals. Transparent Advice.

David Menard founded The Menard Financial Group, LLC, in 1991 because he believed there was an opportunity for more transparency and a better way to guide people in need of financial security. In this time, he has seen a lot of clients who were sold products, but never given the tools or plans to make those products work. Or, worse, they had no idea where they were headed.

He knew that in order for people to reach their financial goals, things needed to change.

Since we were founded, our team has been dedicated to serving you first, and giving you the tools, resources, and personalized advice that allows each client to reach their financial goals. Even during financial difficulty, our clients know they have a plan that can weather the storm.

Above everything, we’re here as your advocate. As an SEC-registered, fee-only investment advisor, The Menard Financial Group, LLC, will listen to your vision of the future, and navigate you towards the best plan for your desired results.

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